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Chocolate is the food of love

As I had no knowledge of setting up a business, going from making chocolates as a hobby to getting them ready for sale seemed a very daunting task!! I completed a “Start Your Own Business Course” which was hosted by LEO (Local Enterprise Office) Galway. As part of this course I had the opportunity to enrol in the Supervalu’s Food Academy Programme which is designed to give “small producers a big chance. The mentoring was invaluable, and it gave me a real hands on insight on how much was involved in getting a product on the shelf for sale.

Our Award Winning Chocolates are Handcrafted in the Loughrea countryside and are made in small batches to ensure freshness and to create the ultimate chocolate experience. I love to experiment with flavours and collaborate with other local producers to create something unique and authentic to the area. I am passionate about what I create and love feedback from satisfied customers.  

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